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DESETEC SPANNTECHNIK is supplier of high-quality clamping elements and clamping tools (e.g. Toggle clamps, pneumatic clamps/cylinders and hydraulic clamps/cylinders), Standard Parts of HALDER® and Rotary Joints/Unions of SKT®. Our clamping tools are the result of longstanding know-how in production and developement. The wide product range and reliable quality of DESETEC clamping elements are specifically developed and manufactured to meet all needs and requirements of industrial workpiece clamping applications. Our products are used successfully by a lot of companies from different sectors since many years. Because of an excellent price-performance-ratio of our clamping tools, there is a big potential to reduce costs without any loss in product quality in compare to well-known brands. Nevertheless we are able to offer a wide range and product variations.

Our product range includes :

  • Standard Parts, Clamping elements, Clamps, Horizontal Clamping Elements, Down-Hold Clamps, Push-/Pull Clamps etc..)manual clamping tools, pneumatic clamps/cylinder, hydraulic clamps/cylinder
  • Manual Clamping Tools : Toggle clamps, Vertical action toggle clamps, Horizontal action toggle clamps, Push-Pull type toggle clamps, Latch type toggle clamps, Hook type toggle clamps, Toggle Pliers, Squeeze action clamps, Pull-Back Toggle clamps, C-Clamps, variuos variations
  • Pneumatic Clamping Elements : Pneumatic Toggle Clamps, Pneumatic Lever Clamps, Pneumatic Swing Clamps, Pneumatic Support Elements
  • Hydraulic Clamping Elements : Hydraulic Clamps/Cylinder, Hydraulic Lever Clamps, Hydraulic Swing Clamps, Hydraulic Support Elements, Hydraulic Block Cylinder, Hydraulic Valves

We are also able to modify our standard mechanic, pneumatic and hydraulic clamps/items in a very short time, small order quantity and competitive price.

Feel free to get in touch with our team : info(at)


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